Criticism – PhD Radu George Serafim, Art critic

“In defining a creative personality, we are either comparing it with others in the same field (sometimes without taking into account the periods of affirmation of each or the specificity of the environment in which they were), or we use criteria belonging to the artistic genre (painting, sculpture, music, poetry, etc.) but also other categories through association. Although it seems easy, the formula is perhaps more difficult, being often more difficult to be assimilated both by the author and by his/her audience.

Carmen Olteanu is, in our opinion, an artist with a spontaneity springing from a sincerity similar to childish naivity if it was not duplicated by a full possession of the means of artistic expression both in terms of the academism-realistic, figurative and of the amazing formulas of surrealism or gestualism. In terms of chromaticity we could say that she oscillates between the extremes of the vivid, strong colours or in closed dominants going until some sort of mono-chromaticism. So, frankly Carmen Olteanu knows how to express what she proposes. She remains with the same sincerity to reinforce her options for what she expects to express. Often, artists become the epigones of masters from whom they stole the craft, but the challenge is on the part of those who constitute themselves in their own “guru”, which is both a risk and the premise of real successes. Let’s hope it will be the case.”

PhD Radu George Serafim
Art critic

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